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You can schedule your appointments, meetings, tasks for the day or for a week with M Sales App. Create custom task for your employees or colleagues and check the status of the tasks and stay always updated using M Sales Android App for your business. Our conceptually customised app powers the easy workflows, boost productivity and tracks the progress reports for an individual. Now assigning or finishing a task will always be on your finger tips.


Version required Android 4.0 or later


Conceptually Visualized App for Your Organization

Stay Organised Always

Create appoinments for employees.
Check the status task accepted or not.
Apply for leaves and check status for the same.
Upload files, PDF, documents related to task.
Get a count of pending tasks, completed tasks

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Perfect App for any Organization

To make your organization bloom and stay updated about resources productivity can be a incommodious process. M Sales app will do all the work for you and provide you with awesome features and designs.


Main Features

M Sales an app designed exclusively for organizational purposes. Our designs and structures will make you witness the growth of employees as well as organization.

Features you’ll love

Have all your tasks organised in the form of lists and you can view the status of each task along with the name of the task.


Modern and Minimal

Have a separate login for different user roles in heirarchy of organisation to enjoy different Privileges at each level of management


Style that you’ll adore

what you can ask more?

A glance of the dashboard having all the details of tasks for today, remaining tasks, completed tasks and overall tasks will sort your day in very convenient way.


Powerful Stack

All your features stacked up in an organised way to provide the best user experience.

Web support

Holisticly providing the support from web regarding all the activites.

Images included

You can include images, documents, and PDF's as tasks details.


Fully functional

An app with clear concept to boost the productivity of the organisation and increase work fficiency.

Award winning design

Designed with neat and compact code to ease the workflow of the organisation.

Easy to customize

Customise according to your organisation, create categories and tasks accordingly.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How can I access my account if I lost my password?

There is a forgot password link given on the login screen click on it. You'll be redirected the forgot password page there you can do the rest.

Can I switch plans later?

Yeah, very easily you can edit your plans. Just go to the task and click on the edit button make the required changes and save the task. Your changes will be updated.

How can I add a new task?

You can add a task for a new client by clicking on new task tab and updating the details of the task, priority etc and assign the task to the assignees.

How can attach files to the task?

On your task page there is an option given attach files tap on that and choose the file you want to attach after that save that file.

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Perfect App for any Organization

Download M Sales app from the play store now and experience the change.